Products / Skin & Coat

Our Range helps you to protect your dog's skin and coat with ease.

Sensitive Soap

For a moisturised skin and coat. Clean and condition your Dog’s skin and coat, with added Manuka Honey to moisturise.

Original Soap

For a soft glossy coat. Clean your Dog’s skin and coat leaving it healthy and soft.

Detangling Spray

Formulated to make light work out of knots and tangles leaving your pooch’s coat in show-stopping condition.

Bedding Spray

For bedding, toys and blankets. Deodorise and refresh your dog’s bedding, toys and blankets. Great for your car and furniture.

Sensitive Shampoo

For dogs with dry, itchy & sensitive skin. Gently but effectively remove dirt without stripping their coat of the natural oils. Formulated to soothe and nourish dry or irritated skin.

Conditioning Shampoo

For a deep conditioning wash. Clean, condition and protect your dog’s coat and skin in one easy step.


Daily Dog, proudly a family owned company, with all products formulated and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia.